Running Races in Thailand

Thailand with its many port cities is not only popular for exciting vacations.

Sporting activities are also possible in the country, where Thai boxing is the national sport. Thailand is also extremely successful internationally in other strength-based sports such as weightlifting, boxing and taekwondo.

Resultados 10K Valencia Ibercaja

Los resultados en directo y las clasificaciones oficiales del 10K Valencia Ibercaja.

Las listas de resultados del 10K Valencia Ibercaja en el 10K Valencia. En esta página también puedes encontrar las clasificaciones de años anteriores (2020).

Running Races in South Korea

A trip to South Korea is worthwhile not only to get to know the culture and the cities of the country, but also for sports activities.

By far the largest city in South Korea is Seoul, which is home to around ten million people, about one fifth of the population. Other cities with over two million people are Busan, Incheon and Dageu. Logo