Do you feel like a really extraordinary running event?

Then let yourself be inspired by our ideas. We present you absolutely extraordinary running events, which differ in many respects from the typical popular run on the street.

Participation in these impressive and sometimes curious running events is something you will definitely not forget:

Wine Marathon and Beer Marathon

Running a marathon has become almost commonplace. In addition, the choice of marathons is almost overwhelming. Several marathons in big cities invite you to sporty city sightseeing, but you can also enjoy nature away from the city at numerous landscape marathons.

Marathon du Médoc

But there are also marathons where actually not the marathon itself is the focus, but: The alcohol. That's right, alcohol! The Le Marathon du Médoc in France is known worldwide for this. Here you can get wine and bread instead of iso drinks and bananas at the aid stations. The Marathon du Médoc leads through the famous French wine-growing region of Haut-Médoc. Along the route, wine stations are regularly set up, inviting you to taste high-quality wine. However, getting drunk is not the main focus. If you want to complete the entire 42.195 kilometers, you can't take too much time. After all, the time limit is 6:30 hours. That means you definitely have to run if you want to enjoy the full 42.195 kilometers to the end.

Also a "racer" is the Beer Lovers' Marathon in Liège, Belgium. We probably don't need to write much about it, because the name already gives away what it's all about. The concept is similar to the Marathon du Médoc, except that you'll be served beer on the course

Running on the ice

Ever heard of the Polar Circle Marathon? No! If you want to run an absolutely extraordinary marathon, then you should plan a trip to Greenland. Because this marathon of Albatros Adventure Marathons leads over huge ice surfaces.

Der Baikal Ice MarathonYou'll have a similar experience at the Baikal Ice Marathon in Russia. It describes itself as the world's fastest ice marathon and one of the flattest marathons anywhere. The entire marathon runs on a completely flat course across the frozen Lake Baikal. The race is run at icy minus temperatures. But you will never forget the impressive experience in a landscape surrounded by ice

Surrounded by wild animals

You have panic fear of wild animals? Then the Big Five Marathon in South Africa is definitely not for you. Because this marathon is guaranteed to be a thrill for you!

Big Five MarathonIf you want to complete a marathon surrounded by wild animals, then this extraordinary event in the Kruger National Park is the right place for you. Only a few meters separate you from wild and dangerous animals. Nevertheless, numerous rangers will take care of your safety. At the previous events, the participants were spared from confrontations with animals. However, the impressive and unique running route is guaranteed to be remembered by all athletes.

Running and mountaineering

Trails and mountain runs are absolutely "in" nowadays. Most of the runs are along well-secured routes, where accidents are fortunately very unlikely.

However, there are some events that require absolute surefootedness and also good climbing technique, otherwise it could even be life-threatening. A prime example is the mountain marathon around the Traunsee, which is definitely one of the most challenging mountain runs in the world. Although you are not at an altitude of several thousand meters, you have to climb all the challenging peaks around the Traunsee, including the Traunstein, which is unfortunately repeatedly overshadowed by fatal accidents.

But for those who already have experience on the mountains and are equipped with enough stamina, the mountain marathon around the Traunsee will definitely be remembered. On 70 kilometers of trail, you will climb numerous peaks with a fantastic view of Lake Traunsee.

Obstacle Runs in the city

Obstacle runs, mud runs, dirt runs and whatever else you call them are now a dime a dozen. And rightly so, because these slippery obstacle runs are guaranteed to be fun and encourage the younger generation in particular to engage in sporting activities.

These obstacle runs are usually held in nature. Along the route you have to overcome natural and artificial obstacles. We could of course introduce you to a number of obstacle runs, and there are now even entire series, such as the Spartan Race with events worldwide or the StrongmanRuns in Europe. But our article is about extraordinary running events and therefore we would like to introduce you to an extraordinary concept among the Obstacle Runs.

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In the meantime, these obstacle races have also found their way into the middle of the big city. The Grazathlon in Graz, the capital of Styria, is a pioneer in this respect. There, the city center of Graz becomes a playground for thousands of runners. On the course, in addition to a few artificial obstacles, you also have to overcome some natural obstacles, such as several hundred stairs up the Schloßberg. The idea was so well received that this series has even been extended to other cities.

Prison runs

Yes, you can even run a marathon in a prison. Since 2014, the "Berlin Run for prisoners and also externals" has been held behind prison walls in Berlin. There, a 10-kilometer run is held on a 1,000-meter lap. Incidentally, it is not the only prison sports event. There are similar concepts in other countries around the world. In Austria, the prison run EV.Ang goes around a prison building in the 21st district, after all.

Running in the zoo

Almost all of us have been to an animal garden or zoo. At some point a zoo had the idea to organize a run in the zoo. The run was huge and so many other zoos copied this concept. And so there are now several such runs, which almost all have one thing in common: They are sold out within a short time. After all, discovering many of the animals of our world through sport is an extraordinary experience!

Tierparklauf Berlin

Color runs

Color runs have become a real hit. At these events, the focus is clearly on having fun. Because here you will be sprayed with colors along the entire route.

Run To Run 10 km de CarougeThis concept, which is actually simple, works. Because the runs are in demand and are now held in many major cities.

Wings for Life World Run

There are now also many charity runs and fundraising races. At these running events, the net proceeds or at least a certain contribution is donated to good causes.

Wings for Life World Run

The best-known fundraising run is the Wings for Life World Run, where all proceeds are invested in spinal cord research. The event, which was invented by Red Bull, follows a unique concept. Because people from all over the world can participate without having to travel far. The event starts at exactly the same time worldwide. The World Run starts at noon in Europe, late in the evening in Australia and early in the morning in America. Then you run until you are caught up by the so-called Catcher Car. This car starts a little later with an exactly given speed and increases it. The last runner in the world to be caught up is the winner. Participants can take part in around 20 local events, for example in Vienna or Munich, or via a running app right on their doorstep.

Marathon underground

At many running events, runners conquer the mountains at lofty heights. The absolute opposite of this is the Kristallmarathon at the Merkers Adventure Mine in Germany. This is because it is the lowest marathon in the world.

The running course is 500 meters underground in the middle of the mine. You can even run an entire marathon here on a 3.25-kilometer lap.

Running in the desert

Is an ordinary marathon too easy for you? Then run the 42.195 kilometers in the middle of the desert. Such a marathon is guaranteed to push you to the limits.

Petra Desert Marathon

Because a marathon at over 30 degrees Celsius on partly soft sandy soil is anything but child's play. The Petra Desert Marathon, whose marathon is not only challenging but also passes some historically worth seeing sections in Jordan, has proved very successful.

One of the toughest sporting events in the world, on the other hand, is the Marathon des Sables, which leads through the desert of Morocco. The stage race covers 240 kilometers across the Sahara over six stages. The toughest stage has a length of 80 kilometers.

More beautiful races:

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